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piano, composition, electronic music, arrangements... in one word: SOUND

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Once upon a time, in the early days of my life, I stumbled upon something exceptional that would shape my path forever. It all started when I discovered a hidden gem in my parents' stereo. With wide-eyed wonder, I pressed that play button. The room filled with the captivating music of Chopin's first ballade, and something incredible took hold of me. Goosebumps danced on my skin, sending shivers down my spine. It was a magnetic experience, revealing the otherworldly power of music. From that moment, everything changed. As a child, I knew with unwavering certainty that my purpose in life was to recreate that mesmerizing feeling and share the pure magic of music with others.


As I grew older, my passion for music deepened. I immersed myself fully, seeking every opportunity to learn and evolve. My journey took me from Milan, where I delved into contemporary piano music, to the vibrant halls of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where I explored the depths of the modern repertoire. But my love for music extended beyond the piano keys. Guided by the incredible Mauro Montalbetti, I ventured into composition. Progressive rock rhythms and the avant-garde brilliance of artists like Radiohead and Fausto Romitelli inspire me. The ever-evolving landscape of sound design fascinates me, pushing boundaries and expanding musical expression.


Within chamber music and ensembles, I found kindred spirits who shared my passion. With Duo Ebano, a clarinet and piano duo that defied conventions, we embarked on a journey to showcase the expressive power of our instruments. As part of Ensemble Resilience, a visionary collective bridging acoustic and electronic worlds, we aimed to contribute to the future of contemporary classical music.


My dream is both simple and profound: to recreate that magical moment of goosebumps. It's a journey fueled by love, passion, and unwavering pursuit. Every note I play or compose brings me closer to sharing the incredible power of music with the world. Challenges and triumphs fill this path, holding on to my grandfather's wise words: "To make music, you need the three 'P's—passion, patience, and perseverance.”


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