Paolo Gorini pianist PRISMI project Amsterdam toy piano Seaboard loop station italian pianista solo

I consider this solo project like a personal diary. In the past few years, I tried to explore deeper and deeper my musical imagination. What pushes me to write music? What are my sound creations about? This program aims to answer these questions. One feature is clear: I don't stop at the piano. Toy-piano, melodica, loop station and electronics are primary mediums in this venture. The music I propose attracts like a magnet what I find most interesting: rhythm and mechanism, the sonic world inside the piano, the space between sound and noise, the sound design technologies, the noises of the night.

Moreover, this project aims to balance out my rather introverted character; this work opens up a tiny door to my world, and stepping inside might reveal the shape and the colour of my musical drive. I don't even know what lies under the surface, but I hope to unlock some answers.


PRISMI consists of five compositions, the whole program lasts around 60 minutes and it is suitable for venues and festivals interested in newly written music.

The project is sponsored by Fonds Podium Kunsten


Care to listen?

PRISMI - excerpts

Extensive text about the project and programme notes for every piece